Marvelous: Cream for permanent makeup – 15ml



Specially designed for permanent makeup (eyebrows, lips, eye area, beauty gain), the “Wonderful” cream is hypoallergenic, moisturizing and contains no perfume.

Based on Panthenol, this cream promotes rapid cellular restructuring. In addition, its specific formulation has a soothing effect limiting itching and irritation.

Thanks to its “airless” type pump bottle, the “Merveilleuse” cream is the ideal, hygienic and practical solution for permanent make-up care.

Apply the “Marvelous” cream on the affected area, massaging lightly until complete penetration. Repeat the application several times a day for 10 days minimum.

The shea butter contained in the cream contains active ingredients such as karitenes A, B, C and D. They give it remarkable physiological activity for repair, hydration and protection of the epidermis.

Regulatory eye tests have been carried out to confirm that it is not irritating to the eyes. It can therefore be applied to the eye area. However, avoid direct contact with the eyes.

The first days, also avoid dust, sun, UV and swimming pool.
Do not use makeup within 72 hours

Do not touch, peel or scrape.

CPNP Notification No. 1389065

Packaging: in boxes of 20 vials – 2kg

Storage: 6 months after opening


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