Easytattoo® Protect Protective Film – Roll 15cm x 10m



New product available at Médical Body Art, Easytattoo® Protect.

Protective film in hypoallergenic and waterproof “second skin” type polyurethane to be applied after the tattooing procedure. Transparent and highly elastic, its application to all parts of the body is simple and quick.

Easytattoo® Protect provides daily comfort for the tattooed person, limits friction and reduces the risk of infection. The skin breathes and stays in a humid environment. The tattooed woman is assured of perfect tranquility during the first 12 to 24 hours.

Quality assurance: Manufactured in the laboratory according to EN ISO 13485.

Available from tattoo shops.

Packaging: in roll of 15cm x 10m

Conservation: 3 years


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